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Assessment of Exact Value of Your Assets
Our valuation team conducts valuations through International valuation & accounting standards and the RICS Red Book standards. We use several different criteria to get the best possible valuation: a qualitative review of the assets, geographic inventory (location, roads and transport link), search and comparison of comparable assets, and an analysis of market trends and future outlook.
We rigorously comply with professional ethics and confidentiality rules to guarantee you independence and transparency along with the benefit of careful and consistent service, wherever you are located.
We assess the value of all types of real estate, including office buildings, retail spaces, hotels, industrial properties, warehouses, residential land, nursing homes and private hospitals.

Our services
   •   Valuation of Single Assets
   •   Portfolio Valuations
   •   Investment Appraisals
   •   Corporate Transactions - Mergers & Acquisitions
   •   Value Reconciliations
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